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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 14, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good wednesday morning to you. welcome to the hottest day of 2014 so far. little bit cooler for tomorrow. and then that heat will simmer over the weekend. we will take you through the forecast and tell you how hot it will be in moments. >> so have reports to thp about a fire in an east bay roadway coming up. >> let's look outside san francisco from a distance there. clear skies warming temperatures. day game we got it all wednesday may 14th, this is today in the bay. thank you so much for joining us. we have a live look for you in the ba
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for more on our weather alert and the heat let's check in with our meteorologist good morning. joining me from the one cool spot that you are going to find the only place without a heat advisory. this is pretty rare. beautiful out here whichets you know what the afternoon is going to be like. it is going to be hot and crowded with beach goers. there could be the added bonus of the possible whale sighting
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out here. we caught up with them off the coast saying they haven't seen anything like that before. iced cream and pop cycles too. trying to beat the 100 degrees. popular with the little ones early in the day. elementary school students. one teacher told us that she will remind kids that she will not have to over do it. one of dozens around the bay area. we have a full list of cooling centers on our website. i wanted to show you if we can pan over the moon light.
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it is gorgeous. if you come out here you want to be aware the rip currents out there. could be a beautiful and hot day. christina. everywhere shaded on the map under a heat advisory until 5:00 p.m. don't forget about those pets they can't take those coats off. we are headed towards the mid 90s. we'll talk more about this cool down. i know everyone is head ed out t this point.
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it is the western part of the country. peggy bunkkerg joins us with th latest. >> reporter: the number has gone up. rescuers are trying to reach over 200 minors underground. the explosion hit during a shift change when more workers than normal were inside that mine. rescuers were racing to pull survivors from the mine. some crawled from the burning mine on their own. when they came out alive there were cheers from the mine. rescuers are pulling out from
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the mine. this after a power distribution unit shut down the mine. trapping the workers 450 yards on the ground. listen to this. >> . >> he is saying we know that people have lost their lives because of this reason and without giving detailed information i'm now flying to soma. gas in the mine is so thick that they are having trouble getting into the mine. the injured minors are being taken to the hospital where you can see the scene here. people franticly waiting to find
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out if their loved ones survived. the safety record in turkey is abysmal. the ministry says this mine has been inspected five times including in march. during that inspection no safety violations were discovered. >> thank you. >> what was once considered an accident is now being called a murder. the bodies were found inside a car that hit a tree. initially everyone thought it was a traffic accident but after the autopsy sheriff's deputies switched their findings to murder. >> it 5:06 and the property manager says it was his decision to block access to martin's beach and the billionaire knew
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nothing about it. he hired security guards but never told the property owner. he was told by the county that he needed a permit to do that. the non profit foundation sued. saying it gives everyone the right to access the beach. lawyers will present their case. this morning we are learning new detail details about the peninsula. bob, tell us what those cameras are for. it is a question residents here had what is that newly installed video camera doing outside my house. you are looking at one
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installed. it turns out it feels like it is an invasion of privacy since it can rerecord when it comes and goes. and he is peeved that the city didn't know fi him in advance. he didn't know about the location until after the fact but admits that they need to do a better job of outreach. the one on stanford avenue is supposed to come down on saturday. that home owner says he wants it
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down asap. you have seen these rubber tubes. but they have to use the video cameras. report i reporting live here bob redell today in the bay. >> people near san diego breathing a sigh of relief this morning. evacuation order is no longer in place. fast mofving fire is no longer burning.
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flames crept within yards of the homes before firefighters put water on them. fire crews battling a larnge brush fire. some evacuations are in place there. it started yesterday afternoon and it is only 5% contained. no homes so far have been damaged. we are starting out so mild. 65 degrees is the current temperature. mostly clear conditions here. you can see that haze though. we do have another spare the air alert.
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as we head throughout the day today widespread 60s. warm evening ahead even when the sunsets at 8:07. you are going to be in the 70s out there. these are your high temperatures. the peninsula 96, 88 full sunshine there. 98 degrees in the try valley with triple digits on the way for sun city. we'll show you the breakdown for that coming up. that is on the way. right now let's check your drive. >> he had me breaking down as well. >> over here west 580. nothing blocking the freeway. let's look at the map. just south of 580 where it says livermoore on the map. reports of smoke around the
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landfill. that is much better than the report looked like coming into the area. westbound highway 4. there is your report back to you. >> it is 5:12 final flights. the airline that is leaving the airport after today. >> up close and personal with a shark.
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a live look outside this
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morning. it is going to get warm there. there is a number of cooling centers opening up their doors today as we are expecting record breaking temperatures to roll into the bay area. if you need to stay cool you can head to the senior center in freemont. there is actually a cooler center throughout the bay area. here is video of ebay. he want he wants diversity in board rooms and contract work. earlier this year they wrote letters to companies.
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i conic investor warren buffet has in inquired intero. the firm was founded and no word on what buffet paid. >> s&p 500 toys withtoying with number. >> good morning. another record close for the day on tuesday historic day. we did see a disappointing report on retail sales. dow rising 19 points to a record finish of 16,715.
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we'll see what remains in store today back to you. >> we know that we are in store for a lot of heat today. taking a look at our we're alert. let's take a peak outside from the south bay this morning. the sun is coming up making a way for a really hot day. >> i know, you know yesterday probably braced you for today. climbing by 5-8 degrees today after yesterday. you know it is going to be a hot one. but you probably are prepared for that extra water bottle in the fridge. dress in light colors and breathable fabrics. if you are sending the little ones off to school before we get summertime i can tell you, you want to dress them light. we are starting out in the 60s. still clear and mild at the
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coast you can see the moon here. you will notice a little bit of cloud cover. that is a good sign. because we are starting out so mild this morning temperature rz going to end up 5-8 degrees w m warmer in some cases. and 89 degrees in san francisco. the heat will break mostly for the city by the bay. it is still going to be hot in gi gillroy. we'll talk more about that cool down coming up. here is mike and your drive. >> we are going to try and reduce those over here. we are going to be generous. the same speed limit it 65 as fast as you go around the boy. typical pattern for westbound. 580 slowing around the interchange. the build starts. we talked about the earlier fire and it is still there.
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it is around the land field on the north side. but it is well south of that cut there out of brentwood and discovery bay. if kirker pass road is your cut through, well you can't use it this morning. overnight deadly crash and fire there. keep that closed. you will use highway westbound and southbound. if you are cutting through the area. a nice smooth drive. we are going to end with one quick shot of the span on that lower deck back do you. >> it is 5:19 new this morning the nmurder trial for oscar pistorius will be delayed while he undergoes psychiatric tests. key witness testified that he
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had an anxiety disorder when he shot and killed his girlfriend, reva steamcamp. he said it was a mistake thinkithink ing she was an intruder. >> we have a video to show you on the scene of an ambush that killed six soldiers by pro russian sep ratists in the eastern ukraine. they have decleared independence. the ukrainian government has agreed to give those regions more power. >> a man got caught using money for personal expenses. bay area university for several months the bay area veinvest
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gaytive unit has looked into this. he used the money to buy things like an ipad, plane ticket and other item. >> this is the justice studies department was justtice served here? >> it was not served here. >> when they said no fiscal impro prities. >> that was the university investigation. >> do you think there were fiscal impro prities, sir? >> tonight, tony kovileski who you saw there, asks the questions. spend i tonight at 11:00. >> virgin america will fly it's final flights out of san jose today. market demand never met
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expectations. silicon valley business journal reports the airline will reimburse the $40 million it spent to market the flight. >> shark was spotted off the beach. people who live in that area say tourists will actually stay away from the popular surf. after the sighting it is more for them to enjoy. >> sure. >> 5:22 a new wrinkle in the warrior's search. let's face it, most people don't know how to choose a new dentist. that's where we come in. we've helped over 8 million people find the right dentist,
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welcome back everyone. it is a good wednesday morning to you. >> stan van gundy has reached his deal with the detroit
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pistons. top coaching candidate is seriously thinking about signing with the knicks. the team reportedly interviewed or will interview former memphis coach lionel hollynns this week. >> they will shut down part of alimo square because of complaints. >> floats, alcohol, and nudity although very common are actually banned from the race. >> in case you don't recognize the first few chords that is "careless whisper" from the 80s band wham. boy did that seem to work. he has had four hits and scored
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four run ares in the past two games. the a's trampled the white sox. >> i love that song. >> today's game against the sox starts at 12:35. >> that is one i don't mind having. >> front, row and center. >> we know that she is going to dance. >> temperatures will be hot. any dancing in your future you want to get it done early. outdoor activities try to take care of them as early as possible. the hottest time of the day is right around 3:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon. i can tell you by lunch time already expecting the mid 80s in the south bay. we'll talk about that cooling trend coming up. let's check your drive. another george michael fan. >> i love his last name.
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>> we are looking at 101. as we talk about the roads, for the maps of our bay area we are talking about ten minutes there are xhi are, problems. >> wildfires burning all over the state this morning. one of the biggest in san diego county. >> we'll have the details next.
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welcome to the hottest day of 2014 so far up to 105 degrees in parts of the bay area today. and then that heat simmers over
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the weekend. your full forecast lots of changes ahead in the moment. >> i can't take the heat. that is moving nicely here. we'll show you what is going on, on the bay bridge. >> let's take you to the live look outside. that is the mune over the ocean. it is like we should break out in song. wednesday may 14th, this is today in the bay. this is today in the bay. >> good morning everyone. thank you for joining us on this hot day. if you are headed out to the park today take water or sunscreen. happening now crews are working
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to repair a telephone poll and open a main road between two east bay cities before a morning commute. roads will probably be closed in that area until 7:00. officials suggest using highway 4. >> firefighters try to gain on control of a fast moving fire. greg bledsoe is along the frontlines with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. what they are doing akeeping watch. this is one of the areas they are concerned about. you will see the area on the ground. this is where the fire burned and jumped over the road.
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it was a different scene out here yesterday. 11:00 yesterday morning is where this started. there were multiple fires and that is what made it so challenging. winds were gusting in a different direction. no homes were damaged nobody hurt. winds are expected to dikt d tc up. we could see gusting 50-60 miles
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per hour. the boworry is if you have a fi start here you have to spread out your resources. firefighters spread out all over the county. >> all right greg thank you. >> we want to check in now with meteorologist christina loren. we are going to reach the peak of them today. they are going to have to wait until tomorrow for that hot weather. you see that pattern here. in the state of california they are one day behind. for today, this is what we are talking about. big ridge is coming in from the east. big dome moves in. wind moves from land to sea. you can clearly make out all the
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clouds overhead and we are getting that fool moon as well. straight up 100 and for good reason a heat advisory you can see here, the mediate coast is the one spot you will find some heat. which is where we join christie smith this morning. she is out there live. >> tell me about how people are preparing for this hot day ahead. >> good morning to you. i don't have ac in my house. i may be out here later today.
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possibly even take in a whale sighting. we caught up with a pod of chills off the coast. they put on their caps and we were there at 8:00. many were gone and back inside their homes for the day. in san jose, iced cream popsicles and those things running through the fountains under those near triple digit degrees everyone trying to keep cool. >> we'll keep it cool and we have a television and a pool table and a library. they can come and relax and be
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comfortable. >> she is talking about the gill roy senior center that have opened up to help folks out. we have a full list on our website. if you come out here you want to keep in mind the rip kurpts out here. i tell you, the moon is beautiful. absolutely lovely i think there will be lots and lots of people out here trying to keep cool. i'll send it back to you. definitely the place to be. if you are going to be working outside today. drink lots of water. take breaks today and remember those pets trying to park in the shade mike. that is my best advice today. >> stay in your car as long as you can and run and get the kids.
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looking over here towards the south bay. nothing dramatic or unexpected. i want to shout out the system as well. >> equipment problem but recovering, they are going to make up some time now as the traffic is getting started on the rails. that build coming out of the path. earlier brush fire has been cleared without any further updates. you can't cut through from highway 4 to 680. this is the alternate around the scene to 7:00 am. smooth drive out of the north bay and 101 back to you. >> all right. thank you. 5:37 we have an update to developing news. in turkey we are hearing of new
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deaths after a transformer exploded in the western part of the country. peggy bunker joins us. >> reporter: the rescue is underway so the numbers are fluid. the death toll 3200 people. 155 miles south of istanbul. the explosion hitting at the worst possible time. 787 miners think about that were below ground when a transformer blew. rescuers raised to pull them out. some in fact crawling from the burning mine on their own. rescuers were pulling out many victims as well. that blast shut down all power in the mine as well. the elevators that bring the workers in and out didn't work.
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trapping them 450 yards below ground. heading to the mine ago town of s soma. >> obviously speaking in turkish. we know that people have lost their lives he said because of this reason are i'm now flying to soma. he got on the plane and headed to this destination. gas on the mine, ambulances are carrying the miners dead and alive from the scene. injured miners are being taken to a hospital. as you can see chaos. police are being brought into control the situation there. >> flags are being flown at half-staff today. in 1992 an explosion near the black sea killed 263 workers.
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many fear the death toll in this disaster could be higher. >> it is 5:39. two bay area sports figures how they are pushing to bring back our girls. what investigators say happened next.
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signs like this are up alerting people about the deadly virus which stands for middle east respiratory syndrome. good morning. >> hi laura good morning and we are hearing from the world health organization which held a
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meeting about the virus yesterday. they are saying that this is not severe enough at this point but they are asking countries to take steps to prevent the steps of the virus. we are seeing this happen at airports. that includes fear, cough, shortness of breath. while it is unlikely they are going to get sick they need to take this seriously because it could be deadly. this virus is from the same family as sars that killed a lot of people in 2002. they aare telling people if you travel and get sick within 14
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days you should make sure to go see a doctor. back to you. >> thank you so much. the secretary of state is in nigeria this morning as the country works to find hundreds of school girls about a month ago. since then thousands of troops have been sent to britain and the u.s. the incident caught the attention of movie stars and politicians and star athletes and home. the latest offer support to the sisters and wnba stars. their parents were born in nigeria and the sisters were born in the country. they are teaming up with unicef to help with child protection programs. i meant the under secretary of state. members of the student's association at uc berkeley will
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hold a rally this afternoon to show their support for the kidnapped girls. organizers say the participants will wear black and green to show soldarity with the missing girls. >> two young boys recovering after a strong gust of wind sent a bounce house into the skies of new york. they fell 15 to 20 feet to the ground. the wind was too strong. no charges will be filed. >> it is going to be hot. we have a weather alert. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren, good morning. >> the kind of heat you don't want to mess with especially if you work outdoors. you will be spending time out
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there if we get into this afternoon. it is going to be hot. we had a bit of a heat wave two weeks ago and we were close. the isolated areas south hit 100. but for today, we are bump iing those numbers, no natural cool ant coming off the pacific. you can see a little haze out there and things are going to start to improve. if you are going to be headed outdoors this is what you can expect. as we head through the overnight hours tonight some cities are going to fall into the 70s. you want to bet that fly fan ready to go.
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here is the deal. the winds will return as we head throughout tonight. you will get movement if you head throughout your house. warm even iing even when the su drops off the temperatures will be warm. 96 along the peninsula. 88 in san francisco and very warm day ahead. cooler at the coast. cooling clouds and that will make a difference tomorrow for us here a couple degrees of cooling. the 70s and 80s return. i want to show you how numbers play out. for us here, we are not going to reach the 80s until saturday. there is reloof in sight.
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any relief out there? >> it goes the opposite way. it is slower but that is a relief it moves slowly through the area. coming off for the westbound commute. continuous slowing. no crashes on 580. we don't have any further notice from the liver moore fire department. vasco is open through the area. slower heading down the road is closed because of an overnight crash. it was not a deadly crash i did
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say that. fire after power lines. we'll get a quick look at p p alo alto and a smooth drive from the toll plaza back to the city again back to you. >> today we find out if there is a enough evidence to try the n man. he is charged with sexually abusing five children one as young as three all of the victims attended the daycare in morgan hill where he worked. he also faces possession of child pornography charges. >> the man accused of burning down the old kntv studio is charged with arson and burglary. the fire burned most of the
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vacant building to the ground. 20 to 40 homeless people were inside were able to escape but one dog did not make it out. >> the fate of pot clubs is looming this morning. numerous club owners and concerned parents spoke out last night. city leaders considered new rulrul rules and want to cut the number of dispense areas in the city to 20. >> landmark reopens today. the tower has been shut down since last fall. the ribbon ceremony was followed by a musical performance. the views over looking the city. time now 5:50. by area ceo, we have that coming
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up next.
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pending the outcome of a hit and run investigation in a lawsuit filed yesterday the victim claims that he made an unsafe lane change near her car and he reportedly kept driving. the lawsuit claims that he had left the suit without stopping.
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he said this say personal matter it happened last august and not related to next door. nextdoor.comconnects neighbors so that they can share information. the road to the world cup in brazil will go through the bay area. >> the team will start training today. they are competing for 23 spots on the team. the work outs are private. the u.s. will host it's first exhibition game at candlestick park.
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>> it is the most beautiful part of the bicycle race. riders bike along highway one and yesterday dozens of the world's top cyclists belt with scorching temperatures. >> let's check in with christina. we are going to heat up. you get the best. this is the coolest part of the day. >> 65 degrees to kick off your wednesday. out in the east bay it is going to be hot but there is relief in sight. the giants are at it at 12:45 today. we have a couple of other things up my sleeve.
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over to you. >> we are looking over here to the north bay where southbound 101. the southbound side moves at speed as you head down through the center. much of the north bay is green. westbound is slow reopened toward nevado. that is not a rprise. the rest of the bay starts, north 101. new crash there i'll swing around and check for that. the approach out of the pass typical pattern here and across the bridge looking at the foster city side. coming off the high-rise no problems including 280 as well. >> it is 5:56 we continue to follow developing news as crews try to get miners. we'll have the latest details next.
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>> plus miystery solved. what we are learning about cameras that popped up in the city. our big story record breaking heat we'll take a live look here and tell you what you can do to stay cool coming up next.
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big time cooling over the weekend.
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incredible images right there of some of the men pulled out alive. >> looking live this morning over looking san jose the sun is up the coolest part of the day is probably over by now. temperatures creeping up, it is wednesday, may 14th, this is today in the bay. i'm scott mcgrue. >> right now. we'll look live in san francisco. the san matteo bridge. you think it has been hot this week it is going to get hotter temperatures in the triple


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